Thanks for all the good work you do.

Michael Dattoma, President, The Bart Group Retail Merchant Services Office

Hi Steve, I have been reading BatteryPark.tv for last few months and I really appreciate the work you are doing. It is great service to the community and I really like it.

Sumeet Singal

Hi Steve,  We have “been informed” and love your sense of humor. I don’t always agree with you but who cares…Thanks for your involvement in the community.


Kathleen Dorgan

Dear Steven, Thank you so much for the write-up. I’m sorry we weren’t able to arrange something more formal, but very glad you enjoyed. The article was very entertaining as well, I loved the first photo! I hope to meet you the next time you’re in.

Warm regards,

– Megan Brock
General Manager {Khe-Yo}

Thank you. BPTV does an extraordinary job.

– Joachim Pissarro
Bershad Professor of Art History, and Director of the Hunter College Art Galleries
Hunter College/CUNY

Thank you for your help. Will be a good day for the community when that stretch becomes safer…You move mountains.

– Danny Meyer, restaurateur, referring to our help getting the traffic lights being installed on North End Ave and Murray Streets

Groundbreaking commentary. Thanks! (In response to Op-Ed “The MTA needs to be shut down and privatized”

– Suzanne Temple

Truly appreciated the accurate and objective storm reporting before, during, and after hurricane Sandy. As a BPC residents for 15+ years, this is the first time that BPC became the place people from other areas of Manhattan are getting help.

– Cici Hu

Nice work!

– Michael Fortenbaugh, Commodore of North Cove Marina, commenting on various videos and photos of the sailing ships

Run for mayor!

– Duke Cameron, MD, Cardiac Surgeon-in-Charge, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Amazing Journalism (and I went to Northwestern for journalism) – the George’s diner film you did gets an A grade from me (but remember I’ll be back in a few days with another possible grade). 

– Tom Goodkind, Community Board 1 member

This is gorgeous and we would love to share this on our Facebook page. Would you be open to this

– Tani (Executive at Sony North America) Commenting on our photo of Hurricane Irene leaving at sunset

We hear great feedback from the community on the segments you do…Thanks so much for all you do to cover so many important community issues.

– Julie Menin (former Community Board 1 Chair)

Thanks to this website something is being done by Gateway which will benefit all in BPC, and be a model for other building managers to follow.

– John Hunye, referring to the dog sewer problems

 Good for you for supporting such a worthy cause

– Brian (General Manager of Fox Business Network) Commenting on the tour of the New York City Rescue Mission

BPTV rocks!!!! We need to change BPTV to “faster than a speeding bullet ” with how quick and persistent coverage within downtown benefits all of us. Without BPTV , we would be lost and forced to be informed by the rag publications . Real stories -//real people—/all covered extremely well by bptv . Great job as always….!

-Adam (BPC resident)

Nice picture of America II on the banner!  Glad she is back.

– Michael Fortenbaugh (Commodore of North Cove Marina)

Just checked out your site. It’s off the hook fantastic. Your moving and shaking on this

– Dennis Corpora, Owner, World Optical

I am a long time resident of BPC …I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this site….it is informative, responsible and current…..thanks and keep up the good work

– Fran Miller

Greetings; As an owner of a condo  in BPC, we welcome Dr. Greer’s  excellent coverage of NYC. The “batterypark.tv” shows us what is going on in the neighborhood, spotlights problems, and highlights good things. Bravo!

– Suzanne T

Thanks so much for doing the interview!! We are getting great comments on it. Best,

– Julie Menin (Community Board 1 Chair)

Thank you very much…You da man

– Lloyd (BPC resident) Commenting on our Hurricane Irene coverage

Truer words never spoken

– Clive (Building manager) Commenting on our criticism of Mayor Bloomberg’s handling of Hurricane Irene

Very cool! I did see the pic and its awesome!

– Tommy (New York Police Department) Commenting on our photo of Hurricane Irene leaving at sunset


– Adam (BPC resident)

I enjoyed your commentary on the storm this weekend.

– Prosper (Surgeon, UCLA) Commenting on our Hurricane Irene coverage

Thank you for the promising report

– Rosalie (BPC resident) Commenting on our Hurricane Irene report

 That was a great piece.  Keep up the good work.  Oh, and when is the lawn going to open?

– Michael (BPC resident) Commenting on our coverage of the West Thames park grass field

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