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Ducklings soon will fly

Update July 24, 2014- The three are now close to flying.

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November 22, 2009- There are sharks in Battery Park City, literally and metaphorically. An angler on the esplanade caught this small sand shark on Sunday.

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Photos 7-13-2014

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The Urban Farm

Warrie Price, President and Founder of the Battery Conservancy, gives Liz Conner a tour of the new Urban Farm growing vegetables

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Go Fish

Liz Conner interviews the founders of the Go Fish program along the esplanade discuss how the program raises

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Things you can do locally this weekend

June 6, 2014- By Steven E. Greer See the Robert de Niro art exhibit: Robert de Niro Jr, the actor, is honoring his father with an exhibition of his father’s art. It opens this weekend at the DC Moore Gallery … Continue reading

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Yes. It is OK to feed the ducklings soft bread.

June 5, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, mD It has been a few years since ducklings have made it from the grass nest to the waterfall pond, so a reminder of what they need is in order. First, these are … Continue reading

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Letter: New anglers on esplanade are a problem

Letter to the Editor June 6, 2013, By B. Rosen I would like to address the arrival of fisherman now using the Esplanade between Liberty Street and the South Cove. That strip of the esplanade between those two locations is home to … Continue reading

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Animal cruelty cases fall between the cracks in NYC

January 20, 2014- The Post reports, “Animal-cruelty cases are being brushed aside because neither the ASPCA nor NYPD is taking the reins on enforcement. The ASPCA laid off its law-enforcement investigators last month after announcing the NYPD was taking over … Continue reading

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Young Tribecan takes on SeaWorld

January 12, 2014- The Post reports, “She’s SeaWorld’s worst nightmare — and she’s only 12. Rose McCoy of Tribeca has stood up for animal rights since the first grade — rescuing chicks from a school study and last year protesting … Continue reading

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Eagle POV

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Scott Stringer opposes fracking in Upstate NY

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer discusses his “Kill the Drill” campaign to not allow near New York City’s source of water in Upstate NY a water-polluting method of drilling natural gas called hydro-fracture drilling.

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Zelda the Turkey might become a Butterball soon

August 17, 2013- Staten Islands news sources are reporting that the USDA is rounding up the aggressive flock of turkeys  for slaughter. These are the same birds that migrate the few miles and land in Battery Park, mistakenly known as … Continue reading

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Zelda the resident turkey is a myth

September 17, 2012 The local advertising flier The Broadsheet has a photo today of a turkey on the grounds of BPC and once again labels it as the singular “Zelda the resident turkey”. This is an urban myth. As BatteryPark.TV … Continue reading

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Zelda the Turkey

August 3, 2013- Although a singular “Zelda” is an urban myth, and in fact there is a large population of turkey on Staten Island and some fly to Battery Park, we will call this one Zelda nevertheless. A viewer, Lee … Continue reading

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Commendable effort by PEP and marina staff to save stranded ducklings

July 14, 2013- Today, a batch of newly hatched mallard ducklings were led by the mother into the waters of the North Cove Marina, instinctively thinking it was safe. However, the vertical concrete walls make the waters a death trap … Continue reading

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There is no water in the Waterfall Pond

June 4, 2013- The beloved Waterfall Pond (AKA Duck Pond) is once again suffering from neglect under the care of Tess Huxley, Director of the Parks Conservancy. The water pumps that power the waterfall are still deactivated, and no one … Continue reading

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Any ornithologists out there?

May 22, 2013- This is another tropical finch of some sort, that is migrating farther north thanks to global warming and shorter winters. If you know the species, please comment. Below, a regular finch playing in the sand.    

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Any ornithologists out there?

What type of bird is this? “Jeanne” wrote: “Young male Summer Tanager songbird. About a year old. Will be a a brilliant red when an adult. Migrates in Spring. Winters in Central America , even South America & Caribbean. Migrates … Continue reading

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Pigeon ducks

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