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The scaffolding scourge

November 7, 2015- The latest unnecessary scaffolding hurting retail is commerce is by the entrance

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30 Park Place, Four Seasons hotel chooses restaurant operator

October 20, 2015- The NYT reports, “For more than 30 years,

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Dylan Prime closes (again)

Update August 20, 2015- This horribly managed craphole has closed down, to no one’s surprise.

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Review: Le District’s La Boucherie (meat counter and grill)

April 12, 2015- By Steven E. Greer I tried out the steak grill adjacent to the meat counter at Le District in Brookfield Place.

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Making a tomahawk steak

August 20, 2014- Using our new pan and knife, we sliced up some vegetables and fried up an outstandingly

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Marc Forgione’s place on Reade looks great

July 26, 2014- Marc Forgione’s place on Reade looks great, now that the scaffolding is removed.

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BLT Bar & Grill at the W Hotel Downtown

Regional Director of the BLT restaurants, Pamela Friedl, takes us on a tour of the new Bar & grill at the W Hotel Downtown. For reservations, visit

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Reserve Cut: A much needed kosher steak house Downtown

February 6, 2014- By Steven E. Greer Opened since October of 2013, in the Setai building by the New York Stock Exchange, Reserve Cut is the only kosher steakhouse Downtown. Owned and managed by Albert Allaham, Reserve Cut has attracted … Continue reading

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Review: American Cut Tribeca

October 12, 2013- By Steven E. Greer American Cut recently opened in Tribeca at 363 Greenwich Street, near Franklin Street. It is a joint venture between Chef Marc Forgione and the LDV Hospitality group. The first American Cut is located … Continue reading

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Iron Chef Jose Garces to open restaurant in Brookfield Place

March 11, 2014- The Eater blog reports that Iron Chef TV show winner Jose Garces is opening a full sit-down restaurant in Brookfield Place (i.e. not the food court section). There is no word yet on the type of restaurant, … Continue reading

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Restaurant tip of the Week: Don’t do what Morton’s did

March 11, 2014- By Steven E. Greer The Morton’s steak house near the 9/11 Memorial invited me to stop by and do the usual photo review. We make genuine new articles, not infomercials, and are never censored or told what … Continue reading

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Cooking Tip: Sear a frozen steak

March 17, 2014- By Chef Steve What makes for a tasty well grilled steak is the dark brown crust juxtaposed to a tender inside. That crispy brown is created by the Maillard reaction, which requires temperatures above the boiling point … Continue reading

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WSJ explains modern steakhouses, such as American Cut or Dylan Prime

December 28, 2013- The WSJ explains well how new “steakhouses”, such as American Cut or Dylan Prime, are much different from the classic style, such as Peter Luger, “And then there’s this: The steakhouse has a guy who throws steaks … Continue reading

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NFL hires USHG to make pop-up steakhouse with $50,000 seats

December 18, 2013- Bloomberg reports, “The National Football League is going into the restaurant business for the first time, hiring Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group to run a steakhouse the week before the Super Bowl and putting the venue’s … Continue reading

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Harry’s of Hanover Square and the wine cellar

Harry Poulakakos took us one an extensive tour of his flagship restaurant and its extensive wine cellar.  

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The Steakhouse Tour: Palm Restaurant

The Palm is re-opening on Saturday, November 17th after devastating flooding By Steven Greer, MD September 29, 2010: Update We visited the Palm restaurant on West Street across from Goldman Sachs. The hickory smoked, medium-rare, steak was exceptionally juicy with … Continue reading

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The Steakhouse Tour: Dylan Prime

The next steakhouse toured by BatteryPark.TV up on Greenwich Street was Dylan Prime. The restaurant has the notable assets of an impressive wine list and attached cocktail area. Executive chef Christopher Cipollone has made some creative and delicious sides such … Continue reading

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Not the “Cut” they had in mind at Reserve Cut in FiDi

October 16, 2013- The newest attempt to make the Setai building restaurant space work is the recently opened Reserve Cut steakhouse. Things aren’t going well. One employee stabbed another, according to the Post.  

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BPC Block Party: Most Self-Serving Presentation award

Opinion, September 29, 2103- The “Most Self-Serving Presentation” award for the 2013 BPC Block Party goes to Bob Townley. Not only was Mr. Townley making his presence known in hopes of getting BPCA funding returned to his Tribeca Manhattan Youth, … Continue reading

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Morton’s Steakhouse

Morton’s opened on Albany and Washington Streets, next to the 9/11 Memorial. Tell us what you think.

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