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The media praises the El Vez burrito bar

April 1, 2015- The NYT, Eater, and Grub Street have all posted positive stories about the El Vez burrito bar.

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I’m baaack

 I’m baaack Our website is all fixed and better than ever. Did you miss us?  

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Citi Bike program saved by Related real estate company

Update March 30, 2015- The Post reports that the new operators of the Citi Bike Program

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Manhattan DA wants to crack down on political corruption

March 30, 2015- Aiding the U.S. Attorney, Manhattan’s DA Cyrus Vance Jr. is calling for tougher local laws against political corruption.

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New Yorkers spend nearly 60% of income on rent: study

March 3, 2014- The Post reports, “City residents are now shelling out nearly 60 percent of their

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Meet the new boss: Interview with The Who’s Roger Daltrey

In full screen 1080i HD More than 20 years ago, Roger Daltrey began forming special cancer units in the UK to treat patients in their teenage and young adult years. Now, with the other member of the legendary rock band … Continue reading

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Federal bills aiding charter schools move forward

March 28, 2015- This will not please the pro-teacher’s-union members of CB1, such as Jeff

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NY Post quotes the great plastic surgeon Steven Greer, MD

October 22, 2014- Why the NY Post called me about this story, I have no idea. But the Great Dr. Greer was quoted today.

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FIKA coffee and chocolates to open in WTC Tower 4

November 18, 2014- The Post reports that FIKA will be opening at the ground

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New York Governor’s son eaten by cannibals, really

December 23, 2014- The Post reports, “The public will finally get to see “The Search for Michael Rockefeller”

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The subways are so bad now that even jaded New Yorkers want action

March 19, 2015- New Yorkers like to think that they are tough and demanding, but they actually

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Broadsheet publishes story on affordable housing with major error

March 24, 2015- The local advertising flier called the Broadsheet (BS) posted a story today

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Told you so: NYT’s Pete Wells agrees with BP.TV that Little Park has issues

March 24, 2015- By Steven E. Greer I recently slammed the new Andrew Carmellini restaurant in the Smyth Hotel in Tribeca without

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City Council wants to make it harder to force tenants out

February 26, 2015- Crain’s reports, “Manhattan Councilman Daniel Garodnick plans to introduce a bill

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How Apple TV will kill off expensive bundled cable TV plans

March 22, 2015- The LA Times reports, “Anyone who’s been thinking about cutting the pay-TV

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101 Murray Street: Another 1000-foot pencil tower coming to Downtown

Update March 18, 2015- A blog posted what seems to be real zoning documents that detail

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Did antidepressants cause the Germanwings pilot to commit suicide and mass homicide?

March 30, 2015- Opinion by Steven E. Greer, MD The facts are now becoming known in the Germanwings Flight 9525. The co-pilot, 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz, was being treated with antidepressants for an “extended period of time” before flying the plane … Continue reading

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Don’t buy Staten Island cocaine

March 19, 2015- Don’t do drugs, folks. The Post reports, “The data showed that overdoses among

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P90X congressmen keep losing their jobs in shame

March 19, 2015- By Steven E Greer First, it was Chris Lee, a U.S. congressman from New York who was tossed out after sending

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The housing bubble will deflate rapidly in 2015

Update March 18, 2017: The Fed signaled that it will hike rates mid-year.

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