We get results: BPCA fires PEP force

BatteryPark.TV gets results again: Condo conversion of 70 Battery Place falls apart

How Asphalt Green eventually opened

Exclusive: New operators for the Downtown Connection bus chosen

Sheldon Silver arrested by FBI

Gristedes south is being gutted and renovated

Exclusive: NY State gives update on NY Waterway ferry boat engines

Senator Schumer takes action on behalf of BatteryPark.TV

BPTV gets results on Vesey with town car illegal parking problem

BP.TV gets results again: Dead trees removed from Vesey Street

Did my lawsuit help the governor decide to change the Chairman of the SLA?

Exclusive: NY State Civil Rights department investigates the BPCA

The Post covers our story on BPCA raises

The Tunnel to Towers no longer fits well within BPC

Exclusive: President/CEO of BPCA Gayle Horwitz resigns

Exclusive: Have rent increases in BPC been illegal?

Exclusive: Jeff Galloway led away in handcuffs to prison

BPCA finally agrees to mow the weeds along the bike path

Breaking: Sheldon Silver steps down

CB1’s Jeff Galloway convicted of felony tax evasion

BPCA’s Robin Forst demoted

Accomplishment: Biggest building in BPC gets a dedicated US Postal delivery person once again

We grew 60% in 2014

New York Times covers the North Cove Marina saga

Exclusive: The Poulakakos plan for the Pier-A visitor center is being investigated by NY State Parks

Chaos at the BPCA

BatteryPark.TV reporting leads to ouster of PEP Captain Falcon

Exclusive: Is the BPCA paying the city for no-show PEP officers?

Exclusive: Bob Townley and Sheldon Silver’s push to take over Stuyvesant Community Center has stalled

Exclusive: BPCA President Demitrios Boutris resigns amidst state investigation

Exclusive: BPCA, in panic mode, fires another employee after BP.TV reports on nepotism scandal

New drainage to West Thames grass field might be working

The grass field is a big success so far

Why did Bill Thompson abruptly leave BPCA?

4-way stop signs installed on West Thames

BatteryPark.TV gets results, water turned on at Kowsky Plaza

BPCA’s Fernando Mateo no longer listed as board member

BPCA responds to BP.TV, addresses infrastructure repairs budgeted not happening

9/11 Memorial to no longer host VIP parties after backlash

BatteryPark.TV reporting leads to changes at top of WTC security

Jeff Galloway’s “temporary” fence removed by BPCA

NY Times covers local BPC effort to stop helicopter noise

Senators Schumer, Gillibrand urge FAA to reduce tourist helicopter noise

Exclusive: Goldman Sachs takes down El Vez neon signs

Exclusive: BPCA’s Anne Fenton and Matt Monahan gone

BatteryPark.TV brings the NBA to BPC

UK’s Daily Mail covers BatteryPark.TV story on $5-Million HRPT dog run

BatteryPark.TV causes changes at the top in Medicare

Much needed traffic light at North End and Murray Streets

Citi Bikes likely to come to Gateway Plaza soon

Dog sewers at Gateway Plaza cleaned up

CB3 member filmed going berserk promptly “resigns”

New Yorker Magazine covers our story on kayak activists

New York Times covers our story on kayak activists

Final DOT plans for West Thames and South End Ave approved

Confirmed: BPCA cuts off $750,000 to TriBeCa’s Bob Townley

BatteryPark.TV causes changes at the top in Medicare management

A remarkable community collaborative effort deals with the tour bus and livery cab problems

BatteryPark.TV shapes state bill A8031 relating to Pier 26

Breaking News: BatteryPark.TV helps save the Little League season

A model for working with the City DOT on city planning

Fruit shack and mini-slum on North End Avenue removed

The sound and the fury: Route 9 DOT beeping at 4:00 AM

BatteryPark.TV improves the environment



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